Webflow’s CSS Grid is a powerful tool that allows you to have more control to the layout and design of your website. Using the Webflow grid, you will be able to reposition or resize any module and time within the grid for more responsive and faster layouts.

The use of the Webflow Grid is seemingly endless!

Here are 5 things you should know about the Webflow Grid:

1. Auto-fit for Responsive Design

Not only that you can manually style your Webflow grid layout across multiple breakpoints, but you can also enable auto-fit to automatically repeat and wrap columns so you don’t have to repeat the same process over and over again.

2. Easy Content Manipulation

Switching or moving content between each Webflow grid is as easy as any other drag and drop website builder. What’s brilliant about the Webflow grid is that it works on its own and snaps responsibly.

3. Infinite Possibilities

Webflow's CSS Grid offers you almost limitless ways to create and design your Webflow website. This is evident on one of Webflow's blogs about Webflow CSS Grid examples. Just look at this example:

4. Export Your Webflow Grids

If Webflow's CSS Grid isn't awesome enough for you, there's more!

You can design stunning Webflow Grids to your site and when you're satisfied, you can even export them! Yeah, you read it right, you can export Webflow Grids!

Sophia Achamoth
Marketing Specialist and Content Writer at ElementorResources.com

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