Whether you are an independent blogger or an entrepreneur, your website’s aesthetic is as important as your web’s content. The site’s design is sometimes the reason why the visitors stay on the page. 

Webflow is an in-browser design tool that gives you the power to design,build, and launch responsive websites visually. This all-in-one design platform can help you throughout the process of making your website. From creating initial ideas and concepts to executing the plan.

Webflow has an impressive visual design with code.  Everything that you create visually is powered by HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. It also allows you to reuse CSS classes and it is a platform that offers hosting plans. For only $12 per month, Webflow hands you the authority to connect a custom domain and host your HTML site. You can also use the Webflow CMS for an additional $4 per month.


Top 10 Best Webflow Sites So Far In 2020

If you are looking for templates to get some ideas and inspirations, I listed down the top 10 best Webflow sites so far for the year 2020. Each of these sites can be a strong base for your next project. 

The evaluation was based on the accessibility, design, coverage of content, originality, interactivity, and technological aspect. You can also visit their websites as I included the links below. Without further ado let’s start!

1. Jo Mor

“I help business standout by creating badass visual identities and awesome websites.” And yes, Jonathan Morin, the man behind the beard, really nailed that badass artistic taste on his web page. 

Jo Mor's website itself feels alive and objects are moving smoothly in parallax effects. For example, when you start scrolling down the little details move in a circular motion, the images are zooming in and the texts are popping.Every time you scroll up or down, the dimension of the background’s image is also moving.

It’s basically like a theme park on a website. There are also witty lines and obviously, Jo uses interaction in a lively way. 


2. Star Bicycle

Every scroll on this website gives us the flip book animation feel. StarBicycle is a German website that is all about bicycles, but their visuals take it to the next level.  

Every scroll back and forward, some images create a story. This effect is what they call a movie experience, which is very creative and interactive at the same time.

The whole design of the website is aligned to its content. The only downside here, it is not accessible universally. The language is almost full German, which can cause a language barrier. 


3. The Pentool

Unlike other websites, The Pentool has no parallax effects and complicated design. This website is so creative it can make you feel like you are in a stationary store. The design is funky, bold, colorful and it is easy to use. Plus, your cursor will turn into a fountain pen once you are on the website.

They offer a mobile interface kit, start-up illustration set, email templates, and visual data pack. The content is very relatable for the artsy niche. 


4. Rok Bračko’s

Rok Bračko’s portfolio is one of the Webflow's best websites in 2018 because of its unique design. The web design might look a little bit weird because of its unorthodox theme, but Rok breaks the web design norms. 

At first, you might have a hard time figuring out where to start. But all you have to do is to explore the whole website, and everything’s going to be handy. It is not as complicated as it looks. The originality of this site takes us to the next level of creativity.


5. Artefact

Artefact is a collection of copy-paste ready elements and interactions for use on new projects. Copying and pasting make it easier to build new sites faster. Its visual is something like a mechanical maze that is related to the service they offer.

They also offer a handy library of resources for layout with abstract sensibility and dreamy animations.


6. Honda

Honda’s f1 history is a website in action with its tag line “The finish line is never the end”, this website is competitive even it is just about Honda’s timeline.

The glitch effect of the homepage is very attractive. Surely, anyone who visits the site will click the Le’s Go button, which will direct you to the history page. 

The whole concept of the website is a combination of the actual car racing videos and its animated version. The design is relative to its content racing cars. Its color palette plays with three colors: red, white, and black. 


7. Matthew Munger

Matthew Munger’s site is like a time travel website because the design of his website looks like an old Mac interface. It has a very cool aesthetic and very easy to use. 

The menu is very basic and not complicated at all. And even the interface looks old, its uses are new. You can even change the color of the interface into different colors.


8. Legowerk

Legowerk creates responsive wire frame prototypes in minutes. It can copy and paste components or place them from the symbol panel to create responsive prototypes as responsive as possible.

This website could offer more than 100 components and all components have been carefully designed for the basic categories of the sections of the web. And it offers a lot more features like a starter website with CMS and Editable Bootstrap grid.

The visual of this website is like building Lego blocks. When you scroll down, the Lego pieces will join together. But if you scroll up, the Lego blocks will separate.


9. Okalpha

Okalpha Animation studio has been on top of the Webflow best web sites since 2018. The concept of design is “a little like Lego”. The elements of the design look like building blocks toy for children with a bold and strong color palette.

And even there are a lot of heavy lines and geometry, there are also movements. The concept may look childish, but it is really attractive and engaging.


10. Alice Lee

Alice Lee’s portfolio is wandering in the galaxy full of floating planets and stars. These floating objects were her illustration of Airbnb’s Nova project. It has a subtle parallax hover effect which made it appear so smooth.

She developed her own visual identity and did a wonderful job of documenting her creative process in designing for Slack. This is an effective website for anyone in the creative field.




These top ten best Webflow websites were made for different niches and made with different concepts and designs. A good website should be accessible universally as possible. The design must also contain the elements that visually interprets the content and service of the site. It should be appealing, engaging, and readable. 

When it comes to the content, it must be accurate and objective. An interactive website is also an advantage. And lastly, the creativeness and originality of a website are important. Your website must be distinguishable from the other websites.

With tools like Webflow, making a big, bold, dynamic and responsive website will be easier. Don’t settle for just a website, bring out the best of it, and be competitive.



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