Webflow is an online hybrid toolkit for creating and running websites. Webflow’s service offers three main components; the code-less visual web design tool, the content management system (CMS), and the hosting. Webflow is great for eCommerce and front end site libraries. 

Today, we listed our top 15 best Webflow sites for the year 2020. Many of these Webflow websites are our favorites and have been in our previous blogs. 

1. Star Bicycle 

We were amazed when we first visited this bicycle website. Star Bicycle is the bike shop for electric bikes, mountain bikes, city bikes, and racing bikes in the Winterthur area. This website is giving us a flipbook animation effect. Although they have an impressive website introduction, the other pages are a lot more simple, easy to navigate, and accessible. 

2. Eclipse

Eclipse is a design agency that was founded by Tullio Luongo. They might not concede their aesthetic, but it is way too good and calming. Though they have updated their landing page from “click and draw anywhere” to simple phases of the moon, their design is on another level.

3. King Canary

King Canary is the best webflow site that has a loud but very engaging design. King canary has produced television programs, online live streams, and events in all different sizes for many years now. Some of their services include producing complete events, webinars, and online programs.

4. Heco 

Heco is a design studio that helps new companies in creating design brands and websites. Heco is the Chicago-based studio of JT Helms and Matt Cowen. They have also worked with leading companies such as Microsoft, P&G, Google, and many more.

5. Thomas Arts

Thomas Arts website believes that the best way to be a well-performing marketing agency is to build emotional connections with you and your clients. And there is a right formula that equals emotional connection, it is art and science. Thomas Arts is a Webflow site that is data-driven. 

6. Jo Mor

Jo Mor is one of the best webflow sites with parallax effects. Aside from having awesome visuals, Jo Mor helps eCommerce to stand out. Everything on this website is magical, but the only downside is it is not that easy to use and navigate.

7. Super 77

Super 77 provides a cool animation on their homepage. Super 77 Studio is in partnership with Pixel Park, where they create outstanding motion design and animation for different product advertisements. Most of their works are related to animation, illustration, scriptwriting, and design.

8. Alice Lee

Alice Lee is an art gallery website made with webflow. This website uses subtle parallax hover effect. Alice’s website is not exactly like a Webflow eCommerce site since she uses her website as her art gallery and selling her creations at the same time. 

9. Valley Prospera

Valley Prospera is an eCommerce website made with Webflow. The primary service they offer is transforming pivot into a complete chrome management machine. This website’s landing page has a clean and modern structure. They also put zoom in and zoom out effects on the displayed photos every time you scroll.

10. Three Piece Bar

The Three Piece Bar is a mobile cocktail bar service flexible for different types of events. The scope of their services includes corporate events, private parties, wedding cocktail, gin bar experience, cash bar service, and a cocktail masterclass. Aside from their stunning and impressive online service, this Webflow website put effects even on their statistics. 

11. Honda

Honda’s website is a website about its history. But this website is impressive because all of its pages are very engaging. Anyone who will visit this site will enjoy clicking on their pages that is an advantage for Honda. 

12. Seamless Docs

Seamless Docs urge the government to start modernization by delivering online services to citizens and staff without using paper. This website is complete with gifs, screencasts, and videos. This platform aims to build fast transactions, smooth services, and organize data.

13. Swingvy 

Swingvy is a clean platform for human resources related services. Swingvy provides modern tools to assist HR and admins to do their work without fuss. They have alternatives for spreadsheets and made a hasslefree process for payrolls. All of these HR services can be done using your mobile. The website also has a very minimal parallax effect.

14. Syke 

Syke’s goal is to captivate visitors’ attention through their designs. Syke CO also helps internet startups outperform their goals, delight their users, and increase their revenue, through design and experience. When you visit their website, there are floating particles that connect with your mouse cursor.

15. NOPE

NOPE Creative is one of the most playful websites that suites to millennial’s taste. It is easy and fun to navigate, which is a good thing to connect users and consumers. You can also switch the whole site in English. 


The main reason why we chose these websites to be on our favorite is because of its functionality, content, and web design. Also, these websites are so far the most engaging and playful websites for the year 2020. What is your favorite website made with Webflow?


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