Webflow is one of the sleekest emerging website builder with almost limitless applications for any business imaginable!

One perk of Webflow is that you can use it for FREE, and even import read-made Webflow templates for free as well!

In this step-by-step webflow tutorial, I’m going to demonstrate how to use webflow templates using free webflow templates!

Step 1:

Login to Webflow.com first. If you don’t have an account yet, create one!

Step 2:

Once you already have an account and/or have already logged in, let’s go to google and search “free webflow templates”:

Click the first one that shows up (because it’s highly likely that it’s legit!)

Then, select any free webflow template on the official download page of webflow. For this tutorial, I’m picking a free blog webflow template.

Go to your preferred free webflow template and click “Use For Free”.

Step 3:

After clicking the template, it will automatically added to your webflow dashboard.

Just click “Create Project” and you’re good to go!

Your first Webflow website should look like this:

Webflow is a WYSWYG editor, so click on any element to edit its properties or content.

Webflow also has a free CMS feature which perfectly fits my webflow website!

If you have questions about this tutorial, let me know in the comment section!

Kenoma Versoza
Project lead, content writer and SEO manager of Shapeflow.co. Also a game developer and have published a board game on TheGameCrafter.com

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