Webflow headers are a very important part of your website, as it creates a smooth design to your visitors which they're already familiar with. Customizing headers in Webflow is fairly easy, and I'll be showing it in this Webflow header tutorial.

Step 1 :  On the elements panel look for the section and drag it on the designer.

Step 2 : On the Section settings, change the tag from div to header so the section will have a header tag.

Step 3 : Inside the section drag a navbar element.

Step 4: Place your site logo here.

Step 5 : On the left side there is a premade nav menu you can add or edit the navigations if you want to.

Step 6: To add logo, click on the brand and then insert an image element inside 

Step 7: Link your logo to your homepage. 

Step 8 : To add more nav links just go  to the navbar settings and click this button 

Step 9 : To apply your header on all the pages of your site right click the section then choose the create symbol. 

Step 10 : Name your symbol

Step 10 : Your created  header will appear in the symbols tab.


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