We've collected 30 superb websites built in webflow. Take a look and check out each sites to inspire you. It is an excellent example of creating the right tone in designing a website.

30. Bigblue

Bigblue handles the distribution of goods which is a data-heavy discipline. The Bigblue platform also helps companies to move their products into retail stores, freeing themselves from the conventional distributors. Bigblue has lovingly designed tables of data. The platform strikes an excellent match between imaginative and insightful.

29. Eclipse

The design agency website Eclipse welcomes us with an invitation to "click and draw anywhere." Clicking, holding and dragging the cursor over the screen leaves a trail of text. Some of the icons lead to options to navigate while others are static. The design of the site makes the user astound while using their website.

28. BlackBird

BlackBird is a website that brings you the freedom of flight. They believed that driving should not be the only option for personal transportation. The site uses room well and vast swaths of color. At the top of the interface, both parts highlighted. They offer visitors an instant understanding of the advantages of the app.

27. Valley Prospera

Valley Prospera gives your fields unparalleled exposure so that you can maximize your irrigation and make progress towards autonomous crop management. Valley Prospera is an adequate example of an agricultural tech company and concentrates on reinventing the way irrigation works. The site design is a stunning representation of farming and technology with pictures of organized rows of green crops and irrigation machinery.

26. Boho Studio

Boho Studio produces interior projects customized to the needs of clients, for home, workplace and business. Boho Studio design interiors and create spaces that provide a place of relaxation. The interior design company Boho Studio has a website that represents their style — classy and coordinated. The platform projects a sense of calm with a gentle and serene palette of colors.

25. Beach Fox

Beachfox is a sunscreen company that uses blurred graphics as a metaphor for what its product is doing. The images and colors outside are all softened. Beachfox is a sunscreen product that will go anywhere, anytime and can be used on both the body and the face.

24. Three Piece Bar

Three Piece Bar is a platform that is perfect for mobile cocktail bar services for weddings, birthday parties, anniversaries and corporate events. They designed a cocktail with quality service. Webflow Content Management System handles everything, and there is so much content here like recipes and galleries to testimonials and case studies incorporated by the Content Management System in the design.

23. Compagnie Vendeenne

Compagnie Vendeenne gives you everything you need to plan your trip to this French island through travel. This website showcases its services using brochures. It also shows the departure points and how long it takes to get to the island. There are a variety of pleasant transitions and smooth animations that keep the user engaged.

22. King Canary

King Canary's design agency doesn't hesitate to share its creative spirit with a bold, vivid website design — and a lot of content handled with Webflow CMS. They produce all core elements such as set design, technical drawings, presentation and videos developed. The staff photo collage in a minimalist CMS template is a delightful touch.

21. Assemble

Assemble is a website that gives credence that there's a better way to do creative work. Assemble highlights of what they do with their H1 headline right from the start.  Assemble creates beautiful video and photo content for brands with the world's top creatives.

20. Salt

Salt builds brands and digital experiences that drive strategic, creatives and technical capabilities. They used an excellent approach that is appealing to potential clients by showcasing their work by putting it front and center. A clean grid of the logos of previous clients is once again building trust in potential clients.

19. Heco Partners

Heco is a design studio specializing in the creation of brands and websites for new businesses. Heco's website also adopts a unique approach to their web design's long-scroll style, without relying on a navigation bar. It can be challenging to deliver a long-scroll experience that keeps people's attention, but Heco makes it work with smooth transitions as the user scroll through the web.

18. Thomas Arts

Thomas Arts dig deep into the data to find unique, actionable insight. Thomas Arts does an outstanding job of introducing their fun and playful brand to the hero section of their web, with video history and ensuring the level of accessibility by being creative. They work on relevant communication that connects with customers, shakes up categories and toil with the best technology platforms on the market to provide sturdy experiences that match client needs and produce satisfactory results. They also bestow the user with numerous ways of navigating around the web and finding the information they want.

17. Super 77

Super 77 is a motion design and animation studio and does impressive animation and motion design. Their goal is to get the site visitor to see their content, which will push interactions in turn and leave a lasting impression. At the top of the page shows their featured work. Their work page is visually eye-catching. Thumbnail links to an information page where they show their video, explain the project and sometimes even share some of their processes.

16. Zestful

Zestful making it easy for companies to reward their team with products and services about their care most. They believe that there's a shift coming in how to repay, attract and retain best people. Their positive vibe reflects their goal of helping teams socialize without the usual hassle that comes with event planning outside the workplace.

15. Seamless Docs

SeamlessDocs empowers governments to go paperless and deliver better online services to citizens and staff. The site features comprehensive product videos, screencasts, and gifs, as well as interactive elements that provide plenty to discover for consumers wanting to learn more. The website design use of white space allows enough breathing room and leads the user from the icons to the different price rates. A link with an arrow indicates that the user is going to a new page or viewing more content.

14. Quarsh Creative

Quarsh Creative is a website that is environmentally focused and working on the websites, branding and marketing that won't cost the earth. This website aims to create a cleaner, greener and better world by portraying it in their design. Quarsh Creative has based its design on shades of blue and white, rather than a field of greens. With straight lines, it is bright and vibrant that communicates professionalism.

13. Swingvy

Swingvy specialized in software for human resources. Swingvy believes that people matter and seamlessly merge people and technology. With Swingvy, technology becomes invisible, and you get the tools you need to let your people thrive. All illustrations paint is a broad overview that people are at the center of their action. They used illustrations so they can keep away from overloading too much information on their website.‍

12. Under 30

Under 30 provides travel packages targeted to those who are under thirty. Safety is their number one priority, and they have a rigorous vetting process for all of their hotel, transportation and activity partners. Also, it is a fascinating area, because most likely people on the other side of this age gap have different expectations of an adventure. The use of green in this concept represents lush destinations such as New Zealand, Costa Rica and Thailand. The design feels alive and new.

11. Skye

Jamie Syke is a designer who's worked with major brands such as Porsche, Samsung and Facebook. He considers himself a multi-disciplinary designer and serves anyone from startups all the way through and helps companies to get an advantage through design. In his portfolio, he showcases some of his selected projects from his career. Jamie used a simple theme featuring his project and tells that he knows how to use color, white space, and brand-appropriate typography can be used to deliver a clean landing page.

10. Alex Dram

Alex Dram, a digital, UX/UI, and product designer. He proves there are still new ways of being imaginative. As the users scroll, geometric shapes explode and merge. There is a very slight filter with a small amount of static covering the forms and background, and break from straight lines and flat color adds interest. Alex Dram design is both artful and inspiring.

9. Timothy Maurer

Timothy Maurer, a digital creative director, describes this website as a placeholder. Timothy Maurer helps innovative businesses grow, startups, enlarge, and people manage tough topics, content, and loves typographic shirts design. Timothy goes further than what might have been a slapdash style. The animated typing effect tells us that the web is a work in progress. You can almost assume that Timothy would type those words in real-time.

8. NOPE Creative

NOPE Creative build a site that even millennials are proud to navigate around and helps connect more with users and consumers for positive and long-lasting relationships. Deliver all visual solutions that clients need to carry out an exceptional marketing strategy. The layout is full of variety including transitions from one block of content to the next with changing background colors and gently falling snow drifts down a backdrop of golden-yellow with bold letters pushed to the outer edges of the page.

7. Visualizar

Visualizar is an inbound marketing agency that helps businesses with issues like inbound planning, email marketing and lead generation. Visualizar allows companies to scale their digital products and services. They believed any company would achieve incredible heights by following the 4 step process, the analyze, strategize, conceptualize and optimize. Visualizer set a delicate balance of negative space, custom diagrams, basic icons and a brief copy.

6. Bauhem

Bauhem is a marketing agency whose purpose is to provide branding and marketing aid to entrepreneurs and others. Bauhem makes every project stand-out; every aspect of marketing is tailor-made by their experts. The website simplified tools and design thinking to bring clients a high quality for their business-related needs. Bauhem has a modern feel with a layout full of yielding two images and contrasting colors. These palettes can be a bit risky, but the color clash here never feels daunting, instead of adding tons of energy to the design.

5. Artefact

Artefact is a collection of ready to use copy/paste elements and interactions on new projects. Copying and pasting facilitate the faster building of new sites. The website offers free Webflow components that can be integrated into any Webflow design, such as nav, link, panel and form elements.

4. Torch AR

Torch AR site design, build and share powerful augmented reality experiences and can open in a mobile browser. Torch not only reduces the time and expense of creating mobile augmented reality ventures, it also dramatically transforms 3D manufacturing economics. Torch AR has an essential section which provides a tour of their app with animated screenshots showing its functionality. By demonstrating the design environment, they take the edge off, which provides a great introduction to their intuitive interface.

3. Okalpha

Okalpha is an Animation studio that aims to create a concept that looks "a little like Lego" in its own words. Okalpha is proud to keep things simple, to conceptualize and beautifully execute engaging ideas. Every element has its place, with a strong color palette and bold type. There are plenty of straight lines and solid geometry, and movement, too. Animations and interactions prevent the design from being a linear collection, and makes it fun to navigate.

2. Alice Lee

Alice Lee website is a collection of recent large-scale murals and interactive installations. Alice says her work aims to "combine code and art in ways that bring the latter to life." The combination of technology and art in her portfolio frequently thought of as two separate, parallel interests reveal her abilities in both. At the center of Alice Lee's collection, a lone figure stares out into a sky full of floating planets, stars, and shapes. It has a subtle parallax hover effect, but it's a slight poke at the swirling clouds of matter that make up this galaxy instead of a radical shift which splits the layers.

1. On Crops

There can be an artistic site, even for a highly technical and specialized enterprise. To help businesses perform better, OnCorps does data analysis. They are looking at numbers affecting the bottom line and suggesting ways to improve. OnCorps is a software solution that uses “machine learning, behavioural science, and user-centred design, help organizations collect better data and make better decisions.” Interpreting large data sets might not be the classiest of activities, but OnCorps is highlighting their area of expertise with a vibrant and engaging interface. The website opens with a scattering of blinking stars floating in space, coming together to form a bell curve and bursts with inspired design, with artistic embellishments and bright sparkles. This strong visual animates the way OnCorps analyzes data and finds patterns.


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