We can’t deny it. The global interest over Webflow for its web design and development implications is rising at a steady rate. Every month, thousands of new users and businesses are using Webflow and 110,000+ searches are being done on Google every month just for the term “webflow”.

On the lower end of the pipe, Webflow templates are slowly getting popularity as well, especially those that are free templates.

So in this article, we’ll list down the 22+ best Free Webflow templates that are currently out there.

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This article will be updated as more and more Webflow templates get published, so stay tuned!

For now, let’s begin.

74. Grit — Fitness and Gym Webflow Template

Grit is a well-designed Webflow template for fashion businesses and other retail stores. The current demo uses "traveler" theme, but the Grit webflow template can be repurposed for any niche related to fashion, or even simple and small retail store businesses.

Overall, what stood the most from these Webflow template is its use of pleasant imagery! Give this webflow template a try!

73. Fitnesso —  Fitness and Gym Webflow Template

Fitnesso is a Fitness and Gym Webflow Template with a stunning minimalist design. What's incredibly charming about this Webflow template is its almost monochromatic color scheme, which creates a unifying atmosphere that's just pleasant to the eye. Fitnesso Webflow template is also perfect for Wellness website due to its multipurpose design

72. Blurr — Coming Soon Webflow template

Our first free Webflow template is Blurr, a Coming soon webflow template created by the Webflow team themselves. Create blurry images of the background instantly with blurr without using a costly photo editor. This webflow template is CMS-ready. Its core design is excellent, and the blurred image background allows the wandering user to focus on the call to action, which in the case of this webflow template, an email address field and a simple button. Just replace the background image with your own for this webflow theme and you're good to go!

71. Stone — Startup— webflow template

This free webflow template is ideal for startups who are just beginning to use Webflow for their business. Stone responsive website template designed and optimized to perfectly fit your goal to nurture your business. The template is CMS-ready. The stone-colored styles provide a professional feel to any brand. It also has that beautiful and catchy title over a well-filtered background image. The color scheme for this webflow theme only works great, gives off that sepia feels and makes the site easier to remember. I would say this webflow template is helpful to give that first impression that you need!

70. Method — Music and Concert Webflow Template

Method is a free webflow template designed perfectly for bands of any size, age, genre or popularity. Save time to build your website with customized formats optimized for musicians. This free webflow template comes with a fully-fledged image gallery for showcasing your tours and concerts, a tour dates section, and an albums and songs section so your fans can see your latest songs and stay updated. This template is CMS ready. I guess the biggest strength of this webflow template is that it’s really simple, showing only what their target visitor needs. Maybe add an on-site audio streaming feature, and this webflow template will surely make your website stand out! Method is definitely one of our most favorite free webflow themes!

79. Mariela — Ecommerce Webflow Template

One of our most stunning free webflow templates, Mariela is a free webflow minimalistic eCommerce template ideal for small online shops selling small-scale products like clothing, toys, shoes, etc. This template aids you in making your collections known easily. You can place your items on every section of a specific page. Mariela template lets you advertise your products to everyone. This free webflow template is CMS ready and quite simple despite being created from webflow, one of the fastest-growing website builders out there. Still, Mariela has its charm and would appeal to feminine customers.

Mariela is a highly recommeded Webflow theme for e-commerce websites made with Webflow.

78. Velocity — Multipurpose Webflow Template

Velocity is a free multipurpose webflow template. Consider as one of the few multipurpose website templates out there that really serves its purpose. TIt’s incredibly customizable, and easy to work with, perfect for new businesses and company startups. This free webflow template is CMS-ready. The layout can expand upon with relative ease, such as by adding more call-to-actions, menu buttons, contact forms, and popups. The design of this Webflow theme locates your items better, can provide ample detail and will keep your shop open all the time. Customers can purchase their favorite products in just one click in your choices.

77. Notable — Minimalistic Webflow Template

Notable is another minimalistic blog webflow template that takes advantage of webflow’s robust structured designs. Images are cleanly placed, which could increase the effectiveness of thumbnails and featured images. The “featured posts” section is also image-focused, but you can customize this into more three or more rows if your blog is not centred on photography or visuals. This webflow template is CMS ready and will allow you to organize your blogs better and become more stunning to the readers. If you are looking for minimalistic free webflow themes and templates, give Notable a try!

76. Metric — Corporate Business Webflow Template

Metric is a free corporate business webflow template with a multipurpose and responsive design. Metric is CMS-ready and designed to fit any business and CMS ready. Whether you are a startup, a medium scale or a large company, from any industry. The free webflow template designed and optimized to perfectly suit your goal to foster your business. Just use a color scheme of your choice, ideally two, and your site should look professional and unique. This Webflow theme will help you make your service easily known!

75. Coffeestyle — CMS-ready and Ecommerce Webflow Template

If you’re looking for a free CMS and e-commerce webflow template for small businesses, try out Coffeestyle. If it isn’t apparent already on the title, it’s a minimalistic cafe-themed webflow template with clean product showcase sections, durable call-to-action layout designs, and excellent blog pages. Coffeestyle locate your products quicker and can provide ample information. This webflow template is CMS ready and you can have 24/7 potential income because it remains your shop open all the time. Coffeestyle is definitely one of the most charming Webflow themes in this article so give it out a try!

74. Smith — Simple Blog and Portfolio Webflow Template

Smith is a really simple and free blog portfolio webflow template probably idea for hobbyists and enthusiasts who do not have any solid background on web design nor web development. However, the design itself can quickly expand with much more complicated designs. All the essential sections are already present and templated, so adding content should be good to go. Using the Smith template is the best way to demonstrate your work. This webflow theme also assists in increasing your exposure and your presence online.

73. Incredible

Utilizing a relatively unique sidebar navigation design, Incredible is another multipurpose webflow template suitable for design, art, photography and writing hobbyists and enthusiasts. Incredible has a vastly customizable and has an adaptable layout. It contains sections that can be used as galleries or blog post directories and others that could be used for portfolio and personal branding.  This Webflow theme will aid you to be more creative in designing and customizing your website.

72. Escape

Another free blog template, Escape really fits webflow’s design and style. This free webflow template is CMS-ready. The banner resembles those used in business sites, such as the use of powerful taglines and compelling call-to-action. Escape can be used for travel hobbyists with a taste for photography or maybe as a portfolio blog for amateur or professional photographers. If you are looking for a high-quality website template for your blog and works, Escape is the perfect Webflow theme for it.

71. Momentum

Momentum is a free marketing webflow template that has a space-y layout, use of vibrant colors, unusual but pleasing patterns and well-placed images. It’s especially perfect for application or software landing pages, but can also be used for food, fashion, clothing, cosmetics, and other industrial products, or even those SaaS ones. Momentum is a free marketing webflow template that has a space-y layout, use of vibrant colors, unusual but pleasing patterns and well-placed images. It’s especially perfect for application or software landing pages, but can also be used for food, fashion, clothing, cosmetics, and other industrial products, or even those SaaS ones. This template aids you in making your collections known easily, and the whole world is your playground. Momentum can provide enough information, and keep your store open all the time. Also, this free webflow template is CMS-ready.

70. Donzo

Similar to Momentum, Donzo can be used as an app page. However, this free mobile webflow template is more optimized as a landing page, and honestly, has a very multipurpose layout. Although if you’re selling a smartphone, or maybe just an affiliate seller and wanted to have a landing page, this is perfect for you. Only by merely swapping out the images, and tweak the layout a bit, this webflow template can quickly become unique. With just the click of a button, the platform makes it easy for your website to maintain active.

69. Uncommon

Uncommon is genuinely a very unusual free webflow template. It’s 100% customizable and designed for creative people who want to make a unique and memorable experience for their visitors. This free webflow template is CMS-ready. Designed by the only Webflow team themselves and fully dynamic, meaning if you wanted to use it as a template for your portfolio website, you definitely can. Uncommon is an excellent template for those who are featuring their designs and works. This template aids you in making your works known easily.

68. Terminal

Terminal is a free corporate and business webflow template that uses a dark theme, powerful hero banner layout and cleanly designed call-to-actions. It’s a multipurpose webflow template that can be used by businesses and companies of any industry and any scale, whether startups of a video game company, eCommerce, white label company, etc. The templates make it easy for your website to maintain active and can also market your merchandise or service efficiently and 24/7.

67. Tokyo

Another free blog and photography webflow template on this list, Tokyo is CMS-ready, simple, clean and very responsive, perfect for industry enthusiasts that are wanting to create a blog of their own on the web. It doesn't have any sidebar going, the content of blog pages are centred with space for a large and full thumbnail or banner image, and a minimalistic about page. If you're searching for a website design of high quality for your blogs, Tokyo is the ideal template for that. This design will allow you to organize your blogs better and become more attractive to the readers.

66. Versus

Versus is a free portfolio webflow template that can be used for making portfolio showcase, coming soon, or landing pages for digital products such as software, apps and video games. This free webflow template is CMS-ready. The background used in the demo is dark themed, with a fading image at the top that also serves as a banner. Like the others in this article, it’s clean, simple, responsive and certainly customizable. It reduces the time that consumes on explaining product and service details to customers because the information is available 24 hours a day on your website. 

65. Propel

Propel is a free business webflow template for small businesses. It has modern-looking content-based sections ideal for making blog posts, articles and review pages. this free webflow template is CMS-ready. The design is light themed and uses monospaced text. It also contains a pricing section perfect for software-as-a-service type businesses. Online stores are always open to the market, enabling you to earn potential revenue 24/7, find your goods faster and provide sufficient information. It will also aid in increasing your business productivity.

64. Tiledesign

If you’re a creative professional looking for a free CMS-ready webflow template, give TileDesign a look. It’s totally free and created by the official webflow team. The header uses a plain-text menu button and a full banner image as a background to achieve a very modern and neat look. Since TileDesign is a CMS-ready webflow template as well, adding content such as blog pages should be as easy as pie. Creating your brand and knowledge website is a slick way to share your expertise with others.

63. Store Starter

Store Starter is a plain ready-to-use free eCommerce template. It’s also CMS-ready, have easily customizable product pages complete with add to cart functionalities and checkout payment integrations. Product pages are very intuitive and have a polished look, while the about page can easily be customized to be a pricing or services page if desired. Customers can buy their favorite items in your choices in just one click, and they can pay quickly by choosing their preferred payment methods.

62. Donerun

Donerun is a very simple and free coming soon and landing page webflow template with ready-made lead generation email form and a beautiful banner image. It’s completely free, fully customizable and mobile-friendly. This free webflow template is CMS-ready and has a very responsive design. Donerun template allows you to keep up with the trend. The platform makes it easy for your website to maintain active and everyone can also check the services 24/7.

61. Startup

Are you looking for a free startup business webflow template? Try out Startup, a CMS-ready template with a well-organized site structure, newsletter, pricing and blog pages. The header section also has that broad image background to achieve a modern polished look. Maybe replace the blue filter to the image with something that reflects your business or branding and this webflow template will surely make some conversions. Your website continues to find and secure new clients even outside of business hours. It also provides a quick and easy way to communicate information between customers.

What do you think of this free webflow templates? Do you know any webflow templates that are available for free download that we can add to this article? Please leave the free webflow templates that you know in the comments section! We’d be happy to add your suggestions! :D

More free webflow templates coming soon!

Kenoma Versoza
Project lead, content writer and SEO manager of Shapeflow.co. Also a game developer and have published a board game on TheGameCrafter.com

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