Here's a collection of high rankling websites created using Webflow!


Mobius.Network, founded by David S. Gobaud, is a blockchain company built on the Stellar network using Webflow. The goal of Mobius is to make iit easy for consumers to pay with cryptocurrency and simple for merchants to accept cryptocurrency.

With a global rank of #181,427, Mobius.Network is among the slickest modern designs for Webflow examples I’ve seen so far and uses a pleasant color scheme that definitely fits cryptocurrency. 


GetKisi.Com is an Internet of Things company created through Webflow that aims to enhance the everyday experience of working and living indoors.

With a similar color and design to Mobius, ranking #178,648 globally, this Webflow example uses a powerful call to actions and visual imagery that really catches the visitor’s eye. Their animations are subtle but effected, and their design towards minimalism really allows their product to stand out.


Ranking #151,804 globally, ClippingCACD is an “intelligent platform that performs a content curation and organization tools for self-taught candidates and for candidates who do some prep course and seek to optimize their routine studies.”

Upon visiting this Webflow example site, you’d immediately notice that they have a pretty generic, but nevertheless clean design. Their banner section works perfectly and heavily suits the purpose of the website, including their graphics. 


Elink is another content curation Webflow website but also offers other marketing products and services. 

What I particularly like about this Webflow example site is their powerful call to actions that blend well with the overall design of their website. They also use various animations and graphics that make everything work and really pleasant to the eye.

Elink is at #150,299 global rank.


Vreale is a Russian social app Webflow website that is currently ranked at #146,667.

In terms of design, this Webflow example succeeds at showing what the website is for, and communicates information in the most effective way possible. Like the other Webflow examples in this article, Vreale is also minimalistic in the core website design.


Ranking at #132,845 globally, Perodua is a Malaysian motor company that sells new and pre-owned vehicles.

In terms of design, this Webflow example falls really at “average”, perhaps intending to focus on the design their customers expects them to have.


SophieParis is large Indonesian e-commerce and fashion Webflow website ranking currently at #126,821 on global rankings.

If you’re building a Webflow ecommerce store or website, especially in the fashion niche, try giving out SophieParis a look. This Webflow example’s design really fits the “european” feel the website aims to poetry, especially with their preference towards white and high-quality images of women.


CommerceInspector is a Shopify webflow website with a current global rank of #88,023. The product of Webflow website allows any business owner to track any Shopify store's product launches, best sellers, traffic, sales, ad campaigns, apps, and more. It’s a complete competitive research tool!

This Webflow website has a very modernized design, with an apparent focus towards minimalism and simplicity. Hover and other animation effects are almost absent, while box shadows are shaded properly.


FXSound is a Music software webflow website that currently ranks at #59,909 globally. Since it’s also a software product, the design is very similar to CommerceInspector above. 

However, there are still some unique features for this Webflow website. Among such unique features is an aesthetically pleasing animated banner. Also, FXSound contains less box-shadow, almost none actually.


Polymath is a Blockchain Webflow website that aims to improve and manage the security of your blockchain technology.

Currently ranking at #57,702 globally, is a minimalistic SAAS Webflow website that uses a very modern design. Most of the Webflow website’s background is plain white, while the rest of the website has tints of blue. 

Polymath’s most notable quality is its high degree of readability and dark mode friendliness


Instagantt is another software and SAAS Webflow website in this list that ranks currently at #46,435. This Webflow website is a function-wise project management tool with a strict aim for visual efficiency.

In terms of design, Instagantt has similar style with the other Webflow SAAS websites above and has a preference towards simplicity and minimalism.


Currently ranking at #42,882, Dubsado is a Webflow website very similar to Instagantt above, but instead offers a business management solution designed to cut out the busywork and build relationships, schedule appointments, and create workflows to streamline your projects from start to finish.

Dubsado follows the same design you probably expect by now already for SAAS websites. What standouts on Dubsado from our previous Webflow examples are the testimonials section, which maximizes the full customization capacity of Webflow.


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