Using webflow templates you can tastefully meet the online needs of your business—Foster your restaurant with an elegant web presence that is as refined as the food you serve. 

Webflow restaurant templates are giving you plenty of room to showcase your menus and attract customers through the mouth-watering website. The entire template is ready to go. Check out these 10 restaurant templates, all designed with Webflow, to help inspire your restaurant website design.

1. Basilico

Basilico is a webflow restaurant template, and it is a dynamically responsive template that encompasses a wide variety of food-service businesses. The template comes out and comprises all the blog features. The contact form elements are entirely done up and quickly customizable. As well as this webflow restaurant template supports all the major browsers and comes with impressive animations and interactions to make functionality a bit further.

2. Zooshi

Are you a restaurant owner? This classic template suits your tastes! To gain customers, sell products, and market your events, customize this template for your restaurant business. Smooth interactions are present in this webflow restaurant template. Zooshi is a perfect example of a design that takes control of cliches to create something unexpectedly better. This template is 100% customizable and fully responsive.

3. Yummy

This webflow restaurant template is simple although the CMS template provides a collection of menu pages and many other valuable components which can help you market your product and gain more customers. Together with engaging interactions makes the website impressive. Yummy template is 100% customizable and created with global swatches,so with just a few clicks you can change the full color theme.

4. Cafe

Utilize an ideal webflow template for getting your newest restaurant, cafe, or coffee shop website foster, Cafe template suits to your business. This restaurant template offers a candid, sleek yet engaging look that provides relish to your visitors. The Cafe template features smooth and interactive animations. Besides, this webflow template comes with a fully crafted and easy to customize reservation and interaction forms.

5. Gourmet Burger

A Gourmet Burger is a combination of restaurant and eCommerce template. This restaurant webflow template creates a memorable experience for each user who visits the site by its dazzling parallax scroll animations and utilized design trends. Also, it is created with global swatches and comes with a contact form. This template remains your restaurant open all the time, and you can sell restaurant merchandise and cookbooks to your customers 24/7.

6. Gevma

Gevma is a unique Webflow Template perfect for restaurants and other food-related products. In the gallery section, Gevma allows you to reveal your restaurant or food stories & highlight your space. The pixels are also rendered perfect on all devices. You can fully customize your webflow template in just a few clicks, including changing the fonts and colors, and it leaves a Playful shopping experience to your customers.

7. Alice

It is a webflow restaurant template that comes with a one page layout featuring unique parts of heroes section that can be easily dropped into any section. Alice can give you a distinctive look for your online store because of its stylish and elegant look. There are numerous of the sections and elements that you will find on Alice webflow template such as navbar, interactions and contact forms and it is 100% customizable.

8. All Recipes

All Recipes is a webflow restaurant template that will allow you to showcase your menus and designed to give you all the choices you might need for a new restaurant site.CMS is ready in this webflow template to handle everything, and there is so much content that you can add here like recipes, galleries, and blogs. The template design is responsive, and smooth interaction astounds the user while using the website.

9. Risoto

Your restaurant deserves a sophisticated web presence that is as refined as the food you serve. Risoto is a captivating and easy-to-use webflow restaurant template. This template provides an option to select between three different types of header, fully responsive, and contact forms are perfectly styled. The webflow template supports all the major browsers and is 100% customizable. Animations and stunning interactions are present in the Risoto template.

10. Cuisine

Cuisine is an elegant but versatile CMS and responsive webflow restaurant template. This webflow template tastefully meets the online needs of your restaurant since it has responsive layouts and is tailored for all devices. As well as global swatches for easy color management, you can easily customize all the colors from buttons to the background. Styled pages for menu, functions, news, reservations, and more are also available.


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