Minimalist design has been described as the most basic design yet visually pleasing to the eyes. Many websites and bloggers prefer minimalist designs because it is meant to be calming and bring the mind to the basics.

A blog is a regular website or webpage that has a written content of information or a record of the event. Some people use blogs for their personal use and to express themselves. Bloggers use websites to post their blogs and create new web pages. Most blogs are engaging and daily informal and conversational style.

Looking for a minimalist blog post template that will suit your aesthetic? Webflow got you! Today, we listed more than ten best free and paid blog post templates for your next blogging journey.

  1. Orsa

Orsa is a modern minimalistic webflow blog post template that is responsive and suited for creative bloggers. It provides clean and gorgeous smooth layouts that make your content look great on any kind of device. Orsa can be a good blog post template for bloggers because it has a prebuilt structure for the texts and images. The best thing about this blog post template is it offers four homepage layout fot your WordPress blog post template.

  1. Verde

Verde is a beautiful minimalist blog post template made with webflow. VerdeCMS is a light and elegant HTML5 template tailored to be remarkable on all kinds of blogs. From the name itself, Verde has an aesthetic and sleek design with a touch of color green and variation of grays. Aside from its stunning design, Verde also offers a content management system, forms, interactions, and it is responsive to any type of screens.

  1. Inc.

Inc is a unique yet straightforward blog post template for WordPress. This blog site template is uniques is that it has a split-screen layout that allows you to show content with a scroll function & highlight a large image. Inc is html5 responsive. Allows for multiple content creators, guest writers & easy category search. Inc is news, blogging, bands, artists & more - customize the way you want.

  1. Traveler

Travel is a clean and modern blog post template that is the perfect companion for your earthly adventures. It is possible to categorize the blog post with the main categories and tags for easy filtering and sorting your stories. Featuring multiple post types and loads of flexibility, it has everything you need to share your experiences with the folks back home. This prebuilt blog writing template is fully customizable from the color, fonts, and other elements. 

  1. Explorer

Explorer is a friendly and modern looking personal blog post template. Efficiently manage blog authors, create blog categories, and start sharing your stories! Get started writing your accounts in just a few minutes. Replace the logo with your logo, change some fonts here and there if you like, and start writing.

Using the Webflow CMS features smartly, large header images for each blog post are automatically blurred out in your website background, giving it a charming, modern, and smooth touch. This Webflow blog writing template is optimized for mobile devices such as tablets, smartphones. 

  1. Unletro

Unletro Webflow blog writing template is the fastest and easiest way to have your own personal blog. It is easy to customize and even more comfortable to use. Unletro features the powerful Weblfow's CMS allowing you to focus on writing your great content while Unletro does the rest.

The Unletro blog post template has a fully responsive design that works seamlessly on all major web browsers and screens.

  1. Journey

The Journey is a Webflow blog post template that was designed carefully to serve all your blogging needs. Designed with speed optimization in mind, Journey will be your best ally day today. Your blog will be online with Journey Template in no time; its prebuilt modules allow you to customize every section according to your needs without a hassle.

  1. Milton

Milton is a simple responsive and free web blog post template. Easily add new posts using the Editor or change layout and design using the Designer. Even if Milton is a free Webflow blog post template, it has a lot to offer, just like the other paid blog site template. This free web blog template has a content management system that customizes the built-in database or adds new content for your project. It also has a responsive design, and it uses fonts from Google's Web Font collection.

  1. The Blogos

The Blogos is a flexible & powerful blog post template for News, Blog, and Magazine websites. With a modern grid, multi layouts & columns, and easily customized design. Its design was combined with the smooth animation, which made the template more appealing. You can easily change the style of buttons, headers, and paragraphs from the Style Guide page. 

  1. Press

Press is the best blog template for Magazines. With its powerful CMS, you'll be ready to publish immediately. Try its 2 different layouts and multiple sections today.

The Press blog post template is an essential Blog Template for your blogging needs. Besides, that is very easy to use, your users will have a smooth and non-distraction experience due to its clean and minimal design. Try it today!

  1. Gridded

A nice, simplistic, and modern looking Webflow blog post template. Ready to use CMS features. Because this blog writing template has a fairly universal design, it's appropriate for any kind of writer. This blog site template for WordPress has a custom design for your website's 404 pages, and it comes with animations and interactions for additional polish and usability. 

Which is your favorite blog post template?

Your website design is as important as your content. Good website design and content attract more leads and visitors. So which webflow blog post template is your favorite? We would love to see your comments below.

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