Webflow template allows you to complete projects more efficiently-without compromising quality. As well as Webflow templates are fully responsive by default, so anything you create for your desktop will cascade down automatically to tablet and smartphone.

If you're a professional web designer or a digital agency owner, using an webflow template will help speed up the design process. The flexibility of Webflow makes it the solution to several difficulties which hinder the growth of your agency website. Check out the 10 best website templates for agencies below:

1. Creative

Creative is a digital agency template that is a terrific one-page layout that only encompasses what's vital in a sleek design. The template provides the right balance among visual strength and functionality. The diagonal arrangement of the template makes room for both content and large images. A single click unveils the content without moving anyone from the page.

2. Sonoma

Sonoma is a webflow template with multiple sections, appropriate for agencies or creative people. The design includes various sections to highlight your products. This digital agency template is fully responsive. Engaging animations, scrolling experiences, and also Sonoma's unique features keep the user seeking more as they navigate around the website. 

3. Cadence

Anyone looking for a webflow template for an agency website wants to be assured about the experience of their clients? Cadence is the perfect webflow template for any digital agency. A stylish and efficient template which provides all the needs of the Agency and this template comprises more than 25 sections which you can quickly modify or remove relying on your needs. Also, Cadence features 3 different types of hero sections, fully responsive, multi sections design and global font colors. 

4. Kaeles

Kaeles is an eye-catching agency template since it has colorful transitions and captivating animations. Kaeles grasps the power of robust design and gives you the space to publicize your business. This webflow template is fully responsive and creates digital experiences with lasting impacts.

5. Agencieos

Agencieos is the perfect agency template for highlighting the work and personality of your digital agency and a great example of our design community, creating stunning assets, pushing beyond, and beyond. This digital agency template is fully responsive and has five unique multi-page layouts with smooth interactions, including parallax scroll, micro-interactions, and action animations.


Need a template for your agency website? MBDC is a Canadian digital agency that provides a lot of emphasis through creating a smart and easier to use interface. It has all you need to create your own agency website and start it up. The template is fully responsive and allows content updating in just a few easy steps and contains some incredible features which are impressive.

7. Creativity

Creativity is a smooth and modern template with several pre-made layouts in it. This Webflow template is fully responsive and comes with 6 ready-to-use home pages. The agency template has various features and a lot of components that make any design stand out by using a combination of the components. Easy to change the theme color by just one button. Moreover, Creativity has a vast library of pre-designed content blocks.

8. Stone

Stone is a free template on webflow. Since it has a subdued color scheme and text overlay, it has a cozy design and approachable look. This template is fully responsive, intended for your digital agency website. Stone is all you need if you're looking for an artistic plus welcoming vibe.

9. Krunch

Krunch is a webflow template in one page, a clean and flexible template. To make your content accessible, all of this greatness is included in a one-page design. On the visual side of things, this template is fully responsive and takes things further, with a delightful collection of highlighted projects and a hover effect enhancing each. This template gives you everything you need to create a professional agency website.

10. Creatix

Creatix is a webflow template that is easy to modify and even quicker to use, suitable for creatives and agencies. It contains various elements and components that concentrate on showcasing the value you can give to potential customers on your agency website. This template is fully responsive, and your website will look beautiful and crisp on modern displays. Besides, the most useful feature of this template is the multi sections design.


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