About Webflow

Founded by Vlad Magdali (creator of Intuit), Sergie Magdalin, and Bryant Chou (former CTO of Vungle) in 2013, Webflow allows designers to build reponsive website without coding. As you drag and drop images, elements, and sections entired within the application, Webflow automatically generates the corresponding HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, allowing freelancers and agencies alike to accomplish most of the aspects of web creation and development, including website distribution, entirely through Webflow.

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Webflow Features

In terms of web design, you can build CSS layouts visually, generate W3C compliant semantic and exportable code, supported by 2,000+ web font families, add custom codes and CSS filters, inherently responsive, and complete creative control over your design. It also comes with a built-in CMS, which has an API, support for dynamic SEO, content filtering and sharing and client collaboration features.

Build Your Webflow Website

With other similar web building tools out there like Squarespace, Weebly, Wix, and Webydo, why Webflow? First of all, almost everything that you need is in webflow (except domain registration of course): content management system, front-end web designer, development API and hosting. We can also even add domain since Webflow will give you a custom domain already albeit with the "webflow" subdomain name.

Start Webflow

Getting started with Webflow is incredibly easy. Other than tons of resources out there to help you start your site, setting up Webflow itself and integrating it to your workflow and business is fairly easy. No more installing of themes and plugins to get what you need. Everything is already in Webflow.

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